08:00 - 9:00
Breakfast with the Experts

Moderator: Dr Montse Pérez Encinas. Hospital Fundación de Alcorcón. Madrid.

  • The management of chronic patients
    Dr Rafael Bengoa. Director of the Health Business School dof the University of Deusto. Ex Minister of Health of the Basque Government.
    Dr Félix Ruibal. Director Healthcare SERGAS.
9:00 - 10:00
Tools for growth. Lean Six Sigma

Moderador: [Pending]

  • Calahorra Hospital Experience [Pending]
    Dr. [Pending]
  • Optomisation of process via Lean Six Sigma at La Fe Hospital
    Dr. Isabel Font. La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital
  • Zaragoza Hospital Experience
    Dr. José Manuel Real Campaña. Lozano Blesa University Clinical Hospital. Zaragoza.
9:00 - 10:00
Nuggets for Success. Tools for growth/achieving a quality pharmacotherapy

Moderator. Paola González Pérez. Ávila Care Complex. Ávila.

  • Comprehensive Coordinated Pharmaceutical and Telematics Care Plan between Specialised Pharmacists and Primary Care, guaranteeing patients’ cross-pharmacotherapeutic continuity.
    Dr. Guadalupe Piñeiro
  • Identification of patients with security alert (Concylia)
    Dr. [Pending]
  • An app that reconciles and improves adhesion.
    Dra. [Pending]
9:00 - 10:00
The best clinical cases

Moderator: Dr. Benito García Díaz. Chief of Pharmacy Service. Severo Ochoa University Hospital. Leganés. Madrid

10:00 - 11:30
Network-free space “Grow” 1. Innovate to grow

Moderator: Dr. Ana Herranz. Gregorio Marañón Hospital. Madrid.

  • The Healthcare System Grows
    Dr. Manuel Desco. Red Itemas Coordinator. Imagen Médica Lab Director
  • The Hospital Grows
    Dr. Laura Sampietro. Innovation Unit Coordinator at Barcelona Clinical Hospital. Barcelona.
  • The Pharmacy Service Grows
    Dr. Gerardo Cajaraville. Oncology Institute. San Sebastián
10:00 - 11:30
Network-free space “Grow” 2. New Horizons in Hospital Pharmacy

Moderator: Dr. Marta Ubeira. Burgos Care Complex. Burgos.

  • [Title Network-free space: pending]
11:30 - 12:00
Break – Visit to the Commercial Exposition
12:00 - 13:00
Closing Conference

Presenter: Dr. Ana López González. Valladolid University Clinical Hospital. Valladolid

  • Dr. Mario Alonso Puig. General and Digestive Surgeon. Leadership, communications and creativity consultant
13:00 - 14:00
Closing Ceremony
14:00 - 15:30
Working Lunch/Industry Symposia
15:30 - 17:30
Post-congress workshop. R-Millennials