The Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid was designed by architect Ricard Bofill as a large space for the exchange of knowledge and the promotion of new ideas. It is an emblematic structure that stands out for its uniqueness, a building that each day offers the opportunity to gaze into new horizons.

Success resides in uniting the most modern infrastructure and services inside a unique space that is fitted-out for the greatest level of functionality and effectiveness, prepared for collaboration and exchange.

The rooms are designed for such a level of functionality, offering very versatile facilities with enough capacity for adapting to the specific needs of our Conference. The building has a total of 9 different-sized rooms, including 3 auditoriums with a capacity of 1,700, 500 and 450 attendees where the main presentations and events will take place, along with other, smaller rooms distributed around the building for parallel sessions.

Auditorium Address:
Av. Monasterio Ntra. Señora de Prado 2
47015 Valladolid

Tel: 983 385 604

[email protected]