The submission of clinical case is now closed. Many thanks to everyone for all the submissions! The Scientific Committee’s is currently reviewing, correcting and selecting the accepted submissions.
Starting on June 30th, we will start sending e-mail notifications to the primary authors regarding the result of the submissions.


  • A single prize of 2000 euro will be awarded for the best clinical case.
  • All Spanish hospitals with hospital pharmacy interns may compete for this prize.
  • The case must be original, with no prior publication in scientific journals.
  • The main author must be a third or fourth-year intern.
  • A maximum of six authors per clinical case will be accepted.
  • In order to enter your case in the competition, it should be sent via the conference content management system (similar to other communications), together with the following documents:
    - Participation application, which shall include: name of main intern author, other authors, area of activity or service, hospital and contact information.
    - Document with the clinical case in PDF format, which shall include the following: a) title, b) introduction – providing an argument for the interest and originality of the work, c) case description, including clinical presentation and its development d) short pharmaceutical discussion and contribution, e) bibliography (maximum 5 references).
    The text (from introduction to bibliography, inclusive) shall have a maximum length of 10 A-4 sheets double-spaced, font size 12.
    These 10 pages may include images and graphics.
  • Application deadline is 22 April, 2014. Any applications received after that date will be rejected.
  • The best cases will be selected by a Panel of Judges made up of members of the Conference Scientific Committee, who will objectively rank the cases, choosing the FIVE cases with the highest rankings among all submitted work. The Panel of Judges decisions shall be the product of blind assessment, with no Panel member assessing a case from his/her own centre. Evaluation criteria shall include the originality and interest of the case, its pharmaceutical contribution, overall presentation and visuals.
  • The top five cases will be presented by one of the case authors in a special session of the SEFH Conference in Malaga. Each author will be provided with a slide template that shall be used for the presentation. Each author shall have 7 minutes for presenting their case, and 5 minutes for audience discussion. The session will be moderated by the president of the Conference Scientific Committee, the intern spokesperson and the SEFH research director.
  • The assessment shall be done jointly by a Panel of Judges and by the audience. The Panel of Judges shall comprise the three moderators, along with another two members designated by the Conference Scientific Committee. Its scoring shall represent 60% of the final score for each clinical case. The remaining 40% of the assessment will be taken from the audience scores for each case. Only those audience members present at the session from beginning to end may participate in the scoring. For the purpose of these assessments, each attendee arriving at the conference room before the beginning of the session shall receive a form with the items to score. These forms will be collected at the end of the session and analysed afterwards in order to calculate the audience score. Depending on available technical equipment, the audience assessment may be done by means of an electronic form.
  • Scoring shall be done on a 1 to 10 basis, assessing the following items: a) quality of the presentation, b) quality of the discussion and defence, c) case originality and interest and d) visuals.
  • The Panel of Judges’ decision shall be final.
  • Prizes shall be awarded during the Conference.