The submission of Scientific Communications is now closed. Many thanks to everyone for all the submissions! The Scientific Committee’s is currently reviewing, correcting and selecting the accepted submissions.
Starting on June 30th, we will start sending e-mail notifications to the primary authors regarding the result of the submissions.


  • Papers should be original work. They cannot have been presented in conferences or workshops, nor published in journals – whether inside or outside of Spain – before the beginning date of the 59th National SEFH (Sociedad Española de Farmacia Hospitalaria – Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacies) Conference.
  • Papers shall be focused on professional hospital pharmacy activity and on the motto of the conference, “Know. Share. Grow”.
  • Papers can be presented in Spanish as well as in English.
  • The deadline for paper submission shall be 22 April, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Confirmation of accepted papers will be announced on 30 June, 2014.
  • The only method for submitting abstracts shall be through the use of the Form designed for this purpose, found on the SEFH website. The abstract shall be limited to 500 words, text only – no tables, graphics or images admitted. (We suggest that the abstract not be written directly on the Form. Rather, it should be stored in a word processor, and moved to the Form via copy and paste).
  • Once a paper is submitted, this will be regarded as definitive. Any later modifications may not be sent, nor will it be possible to make any changes or add different data in the poster format presented.
  • In the case that several papers are presented that report repeatedly on different aspects of the same study population, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept only those that, in its opinion, are the most relevant.
  • Authors shall indicate their surnames followed by the initials of their first name (eg. Sánchez Martínez, A). At least one of the authors shall be registered in the Conference before 5 September, 2014. A maximum of 6 authors are allowed per paper.
  • If the same author participates in more than one paper, he or she must write his or her name in the same way on all of them, in order to be properly shown in the index.
  • The title shall be written in uppercase letters, without the use of abbreviations.
  • The abstract should be structured into the following sections: objectives, material, results and conclusions. Any conflict of interest shall be noted (appears on the Form). Do not leave any line blank between the different paragraphs.
  • Each paper must be classified by the author as belonging to one of the themes noted on the paper submission form at the SEFH website. The final classification decision shall be made by the Scientific Committee. The Form shall also include 3 keywords that make it possible to classify the paper for online e-poster session searches.
  • All Scientific Committee correspondence shall be sent to the first signing author, who will be informed about the acceptance or rejection of the paper. The decision shall be preferably sent by email and/or sms, or in their absence, via fax or post. The first author must provide his or her email and mobile telephone number for any contacts from the Scientific Committee.
  • Any paper submitted with a title or text that includes data identifying the institution or the authors shall be rejected.
  • Accepted abstracts shall be published in printed as well as electronic format, which will be available on the Conference website. Should the authors prefer that a submitted and accepted paper not be included, they must notify the Conference Secretariat before the 30 June, 2014 deadline.
  • Authors presenting a paper shall be responsible for the fact that, in the submitted work, all ethical requirements concerning clinical research, or research with lab animals, as well as those related to the protection of personal data, have been met.
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to decide on which papers are to be presented as oral presentations.
  • All abstracts from accepted papers shall be the property of the SEFH.